Writing a good college essay for notre dame

But I volunteer on the suicide prevention hotline, and when I explain to that the phone rings just as often on Friday as it does any other night, they usually ease up. For whom are you responsible? Or you could speak with one of our online college counselors.

Do you have any important or special family traditions? As a Catholic university, we strive to be a community in which the dignity of each person is respected and everyone can truly flourish.

Please provide responses to TWO 2 of the following questions: Stand out from competition. Either we walk together in mutual support, or we do not walk at all. University of Notre Dame has strong, well-rounded academic programs to offer prospective students. What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions?

Tell us about something significant that recently occurred in your community. What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions? The possibilities are endless. Do you work to help your parents pay the bills or buy groceries?

Choose the right short essay prompt. Writing Supplement 1 Essay Prompt: Why are you certain? Please provide a response to the following question: Maybe you have different goals for your college experience than Notre Dame has for its students. How many of those reasons have to do with serving others and making a difference outside of yourself?

Describe an academic project that you have already pursued in high school, and tell us how this project inspires you to engage in further discovery. Whatever you write about, be specific and enthusiastic. Think about the reasons why you would be excited about the opportunity to attend Notre Dame.

University of Notre Dame 2017-2018 Supplemental Essay Prompts

Are you a compassionate person who volunteers at an animal shelter or a nursing home? It is also a summons to move forward with firm resolve to use wisely the blessings of freedom, in order to build a future of hope for coming generations.

Use your own unique voice to introduce admissions officers to who you really are as an individual. We want to meet the real you. A lot of responsibility comes with being a Notre Dame student, so show us that you are a responsible individual who can take on everything that comes with being a Notre Dame student.

For this reason, you want to avoid spelling or grammar errors—especially with such a limited word count! You can talk about a specific responsibility task you have, or your responsibility to a group of people, like a club at school, a team, or your family.

Is this an extremely significant part of your life and personality? You can watch Rudy anywhere. The recommended word count is approximately words per essay. Is there someone in your family who has majorly influenced you? These principles, or pillars, of a Holy Cross education are Mind, Heart, Zeal, Family, and Hope, and they continue to shape our students today.

We encourage you to apply online via the Common Application website at www. Most colleges and universities ask a variation of this question.Read the top college essays that worked at Notre Dame and more.

How to Write the Notre Dame Supplemental Essays: A Captivating Guide

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Good grades and test scores are not enough – you need a great college essay too. Get insight and advice from the experts at Wow so you can have. University of Notre Dame is a catholic university located just adjacent to South Bend, Indiana.

University of Notre Dame Supplemental Essay Prompts. September 25, notre dame; college application essays; Writing Supplement 1.

Essay Prompt: What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from. Notre Dame Essays; Princeton Essays; Rice Essays; Stanford Essays; UC Berkeley Essays; Unlock All Essays; Top Successful College Essays.

Get into the college of your dreams! We hope these essays inspire you as you write your own personal statement. Just remember to be original and creative as you share your story. The Notre Dame Writing Supplement: We want to meet the real you. You must submit the Notre Dame Writing Supplement in addition to the Common Application or Coalition Application; this is available to registered members of either website and must be completed online.

The Writing Supplement for first year applicants seeking Fall enrollment includes the following directions: [ ]. Anyone have "Why Notre Dame" essay advice? Missfloratang Registered User Posts: Junior Member December edited December in University of Notre Dame.

Writing a good college essay for notre dame
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