The status of the arab and muslim minority in the united states

Subsequently, Saddam Hussein set up a cruel dictatorship with massacres of Kurds and majority Shiites. The relatively liberal spirit began to change in the s and s as the two visions failed to solve the domestic and foreign problems of the Arab states.

Muslim population will grow faster than the Hindu population and much faster than the Jewish population in the coming decades. Poll finds that, overall, a majority of those identifying as Arab Americans are Lebanese Americans largely as a result of being the most numerous group. Mosque attendance and level of congregational involvement positively predicted receiving, giving, and anticipated emotional support from congregants, but was unrelated to negative interactions.

That would mean the Kurds, who are Sunni Muslims but not Arabs, would be citizens with equal rights, while non-Muslims, and particularly Christians, Jews, and idolaters, would revert to being second-class citizens of dhimmi status who could not be appointed to key posts such as president, ministers, and judges.

If the Arab states are Arab states and strive for Arab unity, what becomes of non-Arab minorities? These were expected to be modern polities, with a separate national civil identity for the whole state, and to develop a political-social-economic policy that would ensure reasonable equality for all citizens, economic growth, and prosperity.

How accurate are these categorizations? Historical context Islam was first introduced in India through the Arab invasion of Sind in CE and through subsequent invasions of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. An updated version of this post was published on Jan.

These conflicts have levied at least 5 million fatalities and many millions of wounded and refugees. The great question is: This community has preserved its religion during years of Arab-Islamic rule, despite discrimination and persecution that persisted under Mubarak as well.

The state with the highest percentage of Muslims employed in the government is Assam: Government leaders starting with the president can prevent governmental discrimination during a crisis by reminding citizens that Arab Americans are Americans afforded the same constitutional safeguards as other citizens.

The Copts in Egypt are a separate strain of Orthodox Christians who constitute percent about 10 million people of the total population. Linguistic barriers have also blocked their social and economic advancement.

Activities included folklore shows, an international food court, hookah lounge, kids rides and booth vendors, open to the public, and admission was free. The protections that the First Amendment provide to expression in the United States, contempt for Western policies and culture, contorted fundamentalism, and the initial successes of these early extremist Internet adopters, outlined here, paved the way for the ubiquitous and sophisticated online radicalization efforts we see today.

Antisemitism in Saudi Arabia Hostility toward Jews is common in Saudi Arabian media, religious sermons, school curriculum, and official government policy. The vast majority of American adults identify themselves as Christian 56 percent Protestant and 25 percent Catholicwith Judaism claiming the second largest group of adherents 2 percentgiving America a decidedly Judeo-Christian face.

On 5 Julysix men pretending to be tourists, used explosives to blast through the wall of the Ayodha site.

Muslims in America

It is very difficult to estimate the size of these communities. Saladin, who conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders, was a Kurd.

Furthermore, the negative effects of ethnic enclaves depend on the arrival cohort, with enclaves having potentially positive effects for the most recent arrival cohorts, but a negative impact on immigrants who stay in the enclave years after their arrival. The Islamic vision posits a state based on religion, its governance and social structure determined by Sharia.

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of Muslim immigrants coming to the U.

Majority and Minorities in the Arab World: The Lack of a Unifying Narrative

All this was conditional on honoring the Muslim majority and recognizing the sovereignty of the Islamic state. Department of Justice joined the suit on behalf of the student and accused the Muskogee School District of violating the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Antisemitism in the Arab world

We close with study limitations and avenues of future research. They constitute percent of the population of Morocco, percent in Algeria, and percent in both Libya and Tunisia. Constitution, the exercise of religion is protected, and wearing the headscarf is an exercise of religion.

Additionally, the Hate Crimes Statistics Act HCSA of requires the Justice Department to collect information about hate crimes as part of its regular information-gathering function. This was less the case when participants were secular, or belonged to second and subsequent generations.

There was also the continuation of another related sectarian Hindu-Muslim dispute over the sacred site of Ayodha. The Committee used data tabulated indices for levels of education matriculation, graduates and aboveemployment workers and formal sectoreconomic poverty and land holdings between Hindu and Muslim Other Backward Classes OBCsMuslims in general and compared them with the standard all-India average.

Just over half of the projected growth of the American Muslim population from to is due to immigration. The Kurds have preserved their uniqueness and their language despite having Islamicized.

This stands in contrast to the first wave of Arab immigration to the United States between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when almost all immigrants were Christians. And their religion is diverse. Muslim material expectations rose during the late s and s.They’re more likely to feel the United States is fighting a war against Islam, to believe Americans are intolerant of Islam and Muslims, and to have experienced discrimination in the past year (whether racial, religious, or both is unclear).

Pew Research Center estimates that there were about million Muslims of all ages living in the United States in This means that Muslims made up about 1% of the total U.S. population (about million people in ), and we estimate that that share will double by As ofthere were about million Muslim Americans living in the United States, comprising about 1 percent of the country’s total population, according to estimates by the Pew Research Center.

Globally, there are more than billion Muslims, spanning diverse countries, regions and ethnicities. Religion and Disparities: Considering the Influences status. American Muslims represent a growing minority population in the US that numbers between 5 and 7 million persons and is racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse about American Muslims and cite data from the United States; Muslims living in other.

The Arab nationalism that grew in the new nation-states, along with the belief in the supremacy of Islam, bedeviled relations between the minorities and the Sunni majority and spawned conflicts that continue into the present. Zaid belongs to the Arab Muslim community and is a third generation immigrant to the United States.

He speaks very little Arabic and has a wife belonging to a different ethnic and religious community.

The status of the arab and muslim minority in the united states
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