The differences between the novel and the movie jane eyre

The miniseries was the first adaptation I saw, so I have a particular fondness for it. I got to see what in the book the director of the movie thought was interesting and what was not. Fontaine and Welles were both pushing thirty when the film was made, making Jane ten years too old, and Rochester ten years too young.

As times change, so do the concerns of Jane Eyre readers. One of the most talked-about scenes was when Rochester tries to convince Jane to stay with him after their aborted wedding.

My personal opinion of the book and the movie was that the book was better. The scenes and setting mostly were the same. I entreat you to accept me as a husband. It surprised me how I could know nothing about a book and then come out knowing everything about it.

Jane, played by Mia Wasikowska, is a complex character with a hard past that explains her far better than actions can. There was very little build up, the events are there but Jane seems subservient not curious.

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By that I mean the lighting is so poor for some of it that I had trouble seeing everything that was going on when I originally saw it in the theater.

However, in the film she adopts these people.

Differences and Similarities Between Jane Eyre, Helen Burns, and Mr. Brocklehurst - Essay Example

Another similarity is the setting. Due to the flashback technique, the audience knows the marriage is not going to work, rendering the amount of time devoted to this in the book superfluous in the film version.

Brocklehurst and the rigid strictness of the school are the same as the novel. Or that it would be so much better if Rochester would just give Adele a puppy? I liked her strong will and character.

Jane Eyre Books-to-Movie Report

I believe they eventually get married in the book. When someone alters or destroys an original manuscript, every other copy in the world is affected.

This is all done in chronological order.never been out of print as a novel and there have been numerous film, stage and television adaptations stated that the only similarity between herself and Jane Eyre was that they were as ‘small and plain’ as each other, there were indeed many others.

• In what ways are the differences in social status between Jane and Blanche. Jane Eyre: Book vs Film For fans of the classics - Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bront ë etc, there is little debate over the best adaptations. A personal favourite of mine (and numerous others) is the TV five-part adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - the TV phenomenon that transformed Colin Firth into a sexual god overnight in the infamous.

May 03,  · My obsession with Jane Eyre has brought me to the point of downloading both & versions, after reading “The Enthusiast’s Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations” two months ago.

In my humble opinion, inTimothy Dalton plays as if it is a stage scene or a tele=mint-body.coms: Nov 21,  · FilmDr said. I haven't seen all of the Jane Eyre movie versions either, but having sampled a few, I recommend the Masterpiece Theater version, in part because it encompasses more of the novel, and because both the actors playing Jane and Rochester are Movie Viewing Girl.

Jane Eyre: A Film Comparison.

How to Compare & Contrast the Movie and Book

Horray! I finally got to see the newest version! Personally, I’ve seen five other versions,and Dec 30,  · The most recent () Jane Eyre movie had quite a few differences from the book, as I note there. Most faithful were the and BBC versions of Jane Eyre - but they are far longer than a typical Resolved.

Book Vs Movie: 2011 Jane Eyre Download
The differences between the novel and the movie jane eyre
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