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Company should open customer service if any customer is having any queries then he should directly go there and clear his query.

Employee Forums Coca-Cola believes that the sense of community enhances their ability to attract, retain and develop diverse talent and ideas as the source of competitive business advantage.

The turnover has been reduced because the employees feel more engaged in the work. In this management style individuals and teams are given responsibilities and decisions to make, usually within a given framework.

Autocratic does save a lot of time as quick decisions can be made and there is no time wasted on discussion resulting in the business saving time and money. The Coca-Cola Company uses the following management styles, but each one in different departments. This comes as an advantage to the company because their other wide range of products can also be recognised and associated with it, since it belongs to The Coca-Cola Company.

Furthermore, their success also lies on various marketing mix techniques like pricing, packaging and promotion plus numerous slogans such as: Regardless of what they specialize in, their organizational goal is to maximize profits for shareholders by selling Coca-Cola products worldwide to a wide range of customers.

The wholesalers are independent The coca cola company essay may handle products other than Coca-Cola products. The advantage of this is that it helps to motivate staff as they are aware that they have a say in the company to some extent.

They compete with other companies to be number one in sales. They are The Direct Material price variance The Direct material usage variance Material Price Variance It is the difference between the Standard cost and the actual cost for the actual quantity of material use or purchased.

On the factory floor at Coca-Cola, there is an autocratic system of management where the employees are controlled by the managers and follow their procedures.

Coke has adequately changed some aspects of its corporate governance; most of the supplies are now delivered in just-in-time basis. To keep main emphasis on the distinction of the authoritarian leader and their followers, these types of the leaders make sure to only create a distinct professional relationship.

Ability to understand the key processes of business environment is severe necessity. Where the leader makes all the decisions, there is no negotiation and is very prescriptive and there is little job satisfaction.

This is a manufacturing and stock-control system in which goods are produced and delivered as required; it will hopefully eliminate any waste. Firstly, for the inside people, company should recruit and select proper people for the different departments.

The company focuses on enhancing value for these customers and providing solutions to grow their beverage businesses. Centralization and standardization are associated with mechanistic structure Gilhuly, The company should set the price in which the quality does not affect and sales also increase and profit also.

There are a lot of things which help the company like their logo and price and availability of the product. Below is an organizational chart of the company Gilhuly, The Chair of the Executive Committee acts as a figurehead for the company and chairs the board meetings.

These mechanisms include the use of: Recently there was a shift in the organization to make it more decentralized and organic which corresponded with quite uncertainty with organization. Inthe company became a stock company and the name was changed to Pemberton Chemical Company.

Promotion helps the company to maintain the relations of company to customer for a long period of time. Mass media is also very important factor of promotion like newspaper, radio, magazine and internet and others also. Commercial Leadership The Coca-Cola system has millions of customers around the world who sell or serve their products directly to consumers.

However if the company focuses on packaging, internet website and promotion coupon, even then the company will able to build their image in a good corporate world. Daily and routine decisions are made by the line managers at the middle level Narayan, The firm enjoys significant internal economies of scale; meaning that there is a decline in the average cost of producing the product as output increases.

Coca-Cola achieves this by formulating a clear and compelling vision, getting their system aligned behind it, executing and constantly communicating intentions.

The mix of the two structures looks to be ideal for the organization.Coca Cola has a long history of being sustainable company in profit and also for protecting communities and their environment (The Coca-Cola Company, ).

Essay on The Coca-Cola Company - The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company is the largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world. Coca-Cola's headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.

The Coca-Cola Company has become the largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world with. Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company Essay Words | 10 Pages Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of soft-drink concentrates and syrups.

The Coca-Cola Company Essay Words | 7 Pages. The Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola is the number one captivator of people’s throats. The company, in the last one hundred years, has managed to transform people’s thirsts in to a need for Coca-Cola.

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The story of the Coca-Cola Company has humble beginnings. The company that I chose to analyze is the Coca-Cola Company.

Founded init has now emerged as the world's largest manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce more than beverage brands.

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