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History The following historical survey attempts to show the interactions, collisions, and successions of Asian civilizations in continental terms. A Budget Backpackers Guide. One of such options is Southeast Asia, the land of undiscovered wonders. Fishing is a significant source of diet and livelihood, although it contributes only a small proportion of the gross domestic production.

Asia is divided for convenience into five major realms: Malay and Bahasa-Indonesia are the official languages of Malaysia and Indonesia respectively; these are related to one another and are mutually intelligible. Asia has more than 3. But dominant languages do exist in most of these nations. Historically, Southeast Asia has been a giant funnel into which peoples from the north and west have migrated.

Overnight buses are somewhat more costly— dollars, depending on distance. India became a staging area for Allied forces, and the Allies occupied strategic areas in southwestern Asia to protect supply routes.

Other ideological conflicts were fought in Korea, Indochina, and Afghanistan. The maritime nations of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have global fishing industries.

The Mongols who dominated Asia for two centuries originated in the vast Asian steppeland.

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The language patterns in Southeast Asia are more complex since not only does each ethnic group have its own tongue, but also local or regional dialects that may be mutually incomprehensible.

The European impact has been most pronounced in cities, although it is increasingly making inroads in rural areas. Some of the Chinese are the descendants of those who migrated to the region centuries ago, although most have arrived within the last century seeking economic opportunity.

The Philippines, on the other hand, have a north-south extent of 1, miles 1, km. Relics of the past are so numerous that even if you spend a year in the region, you will probably not be able to see all of them. Unfortunately, the majority of popular tourist places possess a number of inconveniences that can greatly spoil the impression and experience of visiting them.

The ultimate result was annexation and direct rule. Burmese and Thai are spoken by an overwhelmingly large number in Myanmar and Thailand respectively.

South East Asia

Successive movements displaced the initial settlers and created a complex ethnic pattern. Meanwhile, Japan was strongly influenced by Chinese culture, in both government and socioeconomic ideas.

During the s ambitious young military officers pressed for ultranationalist policies, which resulted in a buildup in arms and a Japanese colonial expansion in Manchuria, China, and Southeast Asia.

Indian influence was even more direct. Japan prevented foreign encroachment by rapid modernization. The Mongols failed to conquer Japan. Chinese culture spread from there to Korea and Japan.

The United States gained control of the Philippines in and administered it until Singapore has utilized its unique geographic location and highly educated labor-force to attract multinational corporations which have been responsible for its highly developed manufacturing and service sectors.

For additional information on countries or regions mentioned, see the history sections of articles on the individual Asian countries.

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Temperatures generally remain fairly constant near sea level throughout the year, varying somewhat with increasing latitude and altitude. The ruins of Angkor Wat, Javans, Champa, pagodas of Bagan, millenary temples, and shrines—all this and much more awaits a tourist discovering this part of Asia.

Centuries before and after the start of the Christian era, both Indian and Chinese cultural agents became active in the region after crossing the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Prices incredibly high prices, to be exact are probably the biggest inconvenience: Added to these influences was Islamic penetration.

Commerce changed later into conquest. Most of mainland receives its rainfall in this period. But even as the states of Indonesia, Burma and the Philippines emerged as independent nations, the French were still fighting to retain their foothold in Indochina.

Russian is the principal language in Siberia.South East Asia Essays: OverSouth East Asia Essays, South East Asia Term Papers, South East Asia Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Islam dominates in Southwest Asia and Central Asia and is of major importance in South Asia and Indonesia.

Hinduism is predominant in India. Buddhism extends through interior Asia and into Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Why Southeast Asia is the Best Tourist Destination There are places on our planet that tourists around the world have been favoring for decades. Hawaii, India, Southern Europe—these are examples of popular destinations, gathering millions of.

Free Essay: To properly consider the impact of integrating with the global economy on China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia, it is useful to first define.

Effects of imperialism in Asia. Effects of imperialism in Asia.

Why Southeast Asia is the Best Tourist Destination

Words Oct 14th, 8 Pages Essay on Imperialism in Southeast Asia Words | 5 Pages. Imperialism in Southeast Asia A. In the late s & early s, European traders explored the East Indies 1. In the seaports of these islands & on the nearby mainland a) Portuguese.

This document is about Southeast Asia region. It lies on the east of the Asian sub- continent. As the world systems approach goes that divid.

Southeast asia essay
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