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This approach also says that the past is done with and the client or the therapist cannot do anything to undo it, so it is more worthwhile to focus on the future and the solution to the problem. What I learned from this article was that the emphasis on solution-focused Solution focused therapy essay is on strengths and resources.

Solution focused brief therapy had been found to work well with all kinds of clients even with children, thus increasing the suitability of the approach to this case. Not going home for several days was not bad since his mother according to him trusted him; it was only when his mother knew of his stealing and vandalism that he was punished.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The focus of the therapy is on helping the Solution focused therapy essay recognize his ability to negotiate, plan and act on his desired outcomes of the therapy even in one session.

Although group homes have in-house counselors and Ahmad might be able to work with them. In fact, Ahmad may seem to have rationalized his self-concept into saying that bad people naturally do bad things, so if he is a bad person, then it is natural for him to do bad things. Psychological disturbances occur because people do not always receive unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness; moreover, the individual comes to accept the positive regard of other people despite its being conditional because it is better to have any kind of attention than no attention at all.

Solution Focused Therapy for Children Essay Sample

The article that I researched is about a study of using the framework of solution focused therapy with children. These are the reasons why Ahmad can benefit with solution focused brief therapy.

Person-Centered Counseling in Action, 2nd ed. This tells us that Ahmad had begun on the path of self-fulfilling prophecy because it was what he always heard from his mother.

This approach however is not for everyone, very young children who lack self-awareness, and those who do not want to explore their thoughts and feelings or expose their inner self to other people would not find this approach very useful.

The counselor then asks the child to set small goals to solve problems.

He even goes as far as saying that some people are borne to be good or bad and he is one of those who were already bad when they first came to the world. In this stage of the therapy, the client is asked to elaborate on what his goals would bring him in the future. The idea here is to draw out the skills and resources that the client already has in attaining his goals, it focuses more on the strengths of the client rather than his past or his problem behaviors.

However, research although controversial at this point had found that the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship is strongly associated with the quality of the relationship of the client and the therapist.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Solution focused brief therapy would help Ahmad think about his present situation which he already have done in his case interview.

For Ahmad, the focus is not on knowing why he became like this but rather to plan for his goals after this therapy. He even blamed his mother for starting him on smoking when he was in kindergarten. Ahmad said that his friends did not make him bad; he was already bad to begin with.

He would rather be a bad person because his mother says so and which tells him he is like his father and therefore gain acceptance than to resist the idea of being a bad person and be ignored by his mother.

Ahmad is an intelligent person and he may be able to benefit from 2 or 3 sessions just to get his work through his issues with his relationship with his mother. This tells us that Ahmad is capable of thinking logically; he actually did not blame his mother for turning out to be the person he is, but to him his mother was right in saying he was going to be a bad person in the future.

Discuss some of key counseling issues that Ahmad is facing The key counseling issues that Ahmad is presenting include a poor self-concept, a deterministic sense of where his life is heading and an inadequate relationship with significant others.

He knew why he turned out to be a problem child and he did not blame his friends for his mistakes, crimes and decisions. Although solution focused brief therapy is simple in theory, it is actually very difficult to apply in real cases since it lacks structure and the therapist must have the presence of mind to stop from delving into the past since it is not relevant to the approach.

The therapist can further ask Ahmad what he would feel if he realized this goal, would it make him feel better or not. His inadequate relationship with his mother has actually caused his poor self-concept which can be worked on during therapy.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

The miracle question was based on the child waking up with his problem solved. In this way, Ahmad would soon trust and realize that the therapist is a real person who is willing to give him attention and care without being anything else other than himself, during sessions the therapist can ask Ahmad questions about his life, his experiences, his goals for the future and his feelings and thoughts which would later on make Ahmad share his dreams and aspirations and maybe on his own begin to act on his plans or change his behaviors because each person is capable of change, of doing good and of becoming better persons.

Parents might have felt better about themselves and the treatment and felt more hopeful about the possibility of change; as a result, they may have felt more inclined to continue when compared to the treatment-as-usual comparison group.Solution–focused therapy (SFT), unlike other forms of therapy argues that a person doesn’t have to understand any problem in order to resolve the problem and that the solution isn’t necessarily related to the problem.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Solution Focused Therapy. Free Essay: Solution Focused Therapy Introduction Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a unique approach to therapy that neither focuses on the past nor the.

Solution Focused Therapy or Brief Therapy is a counselling technique that focuses on solutions in the present and future instead of the past.

Solution Focused Therapy for Children Essay Sample. Solution-focused therapy has a unique orientation toward non-problem times.

The purpose is to help people target and amplify resources and strengths toward change (Berg, ). Solution focused brief therapy had been borne out of the belief that instead of trying to understand the problem and finding solutions to it, it is more beneficial to focus on the future and the solution to the problem.

Solution focused therapy essay
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