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October 11, By Anurag Roy The police is entrusted with the duty of stopping and controlling people who break laws. Therefore, the law must be observed by all citizens. Misconduct in the police force is also an issue of concern for the public.

The job of policemen is really tough because he must be on duty round the clock, despite the fact that police forces are work in shifts.

The younger generation seems to bear a general negative perception of the police. The officers of each state of India could be distinguished due to their different official symbols. Purpose The study is vital in bringing out the distinction between perception of the police and the general public on each to a positive outlook than as a suspicious one, where police and public view each other as enemies instead as a one community.

The research study Role of police essays be evaluating on the effect of these perceptions from the community level, as well as policy makers and all relevant stakeholders on the both ends towards provision of public safety. First the public believes that the police should be visible; patrolling on foot rather than in cars.

He protects the sanctity of religious processions and keeps the troublemakers away. This makes the people to feel unsafe and insecure despite the presence of the police. He has to support his family with that income.

However, there are those who believe in the police for their safety and hold high Role of police essays for the police. Michael argues that the work of the police is intrinsically reactive, as the police are only needed when there is a crisis or a problem, which differentiates their work from other jobs.

The reforms on enhancing police and public positive perception can be extended to four areas: Beside, he blames politics in invading the work of the police by placing demonstrations against them and filing lawsuits for their own political and financial gain.

A policeman is considered to be the guardian of the law and order. The perceived bad attitude of one officer to one member of the public will have ramifications many times over and could affect the entire department. He supports police work but argues that the public is largely influenced by the media who concentrate on a few irresponsible police officers and fail to report the numerous good works that the police do every day.

An officer who approaches a citizen with his hat pushed back on his head or with a cigarette, dangling from his lips does not exactly inspire confidence. Gap in Research An intensive three-year survey on the Rajasthan Police has reaffirmed grave fears that a large majority of citizens has little trust in the local constabulary and most found police officers to be lazy.

The laws help in maintaining peace. He even works during the winter nights. As a presenter at similar studies, I have always been impressed by the diversity of the volunteers: More importantly, the research will be strengthening subtle factors that might have influenced the distinction of these perceptions.

The police work alongside with other stakeholders such as the firefighters, municipal council and detectives and more importantly the public in executing their responsibilities and service to the citizens.

The public who are the main recipients of police services hold various reasons for perceiving the police in a negative picture. Besides, the police appear not to trust this group of people, which creates a bad impression. The highly publicized police misconduct of a few officers by the media such as corruption, violence, involvement in crime and negligence of their duties make the public to mistrust the police.

The policeman is assigned jobs at the police station and check posts. He wears a khaki uniform and carry a cane in hand. He performs multiple duties. Laws are needed in all the countries. Bringing back order is a difficult task, which may contribute to the reason why police are perceived negatively.

He acts as a liberator of the society. Thus, the public feels underserved and that the police are not doing their work. When police patrol in cars, people tend to think that they are chasing after a reckless driver or attending an important call, which distances them from the ground public needs of solving small but pinching issues.

He maintains peace and harmony.

Deficiency Most research studies have just contributed more on how police duties and protocols should be adhered to whenimplementing public safety in the society, leaving the general public with negative perception on police action and duties in provision of public safety.

He becomes tough with those who violate discipline and create chaos and confusion. A number of police officers, citizens and experts who have participated or conducted similar studies all concurred that though the studies were rigorously carried out; its recommendations were not new.

He observes that the conventional liberal media thinks that the work of police is not entertaining without being quandary.Free police papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Use of Police Canines - It is the trainer’s job to distinguish which fits the dog the best. Short Essay on Policeman. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 11, By Anurag Roy. Therefore, the role of a police officer is the significant. He acts as a liberator of the society.

Laws are needed in all the countries.

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The laws help in maintaining peace. Therefore, the law must be observed by all citizens. Home Essays Role Police Play in Society. Role Police Play in Society. Topics: Police The role of police goes far beyond what initially meets the eye.

Whether a police officer if carrying out his/her duties appearing in court to testify in a criminal case. If they need to chase the bad guy down on foot and forcing him into custody. Published: Mon, 5 Dec A role is a position and the expectations that position involves.

A function is the actions and tasks involved with a role. There are many different types of roles that police officers perform in the community every day. The role of police in our society today has not really changed all that much from many years ago. Our officers of today are still responsible for enforcing the laws, apprehending law breakers, preventing crimes, preserving the peace among citizens and providing any other needed services to the community (Schmalleger, F.

). The role of the community police officer is equivalent to the role of the critical social scientist, the facilitator and catalyst of problem solving activities/5(22).

Role of police essays
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