Otc market in central europe 2014

Japan and Latin American command 12 and 10 per cent respectively, with other smaller regions making up the remainder. By Products, 6. Historical and Projected 6. Health Expenditure Per Capita, 6.

Indeed, over 50 per cent of Chinese and Indian consumers take supplements. Three regions account for 70 per cent of the global OTC market: Consumer Price Index on Health, 6.

For example, by the Chinese middle class is forecast to reach 71 per cent of the population, or million households, and as their disposable incomes increase so does their demand for better, timelier, access to healthcare.

With burgeoning wealth and increasing awareness of the advantages of good healthcare and healthier lifestyles, emerging markets across the globe such as that of Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific countries are turning out to be significant markets for pharmaceutical drugs.

Ukraine can be prospected as the most promising OTC drugs market in the Central and Eastern Europe region in the near term. Evidence suggests that global pharmaceutical companies have struggled to realise the full potential of the prescription-only market in emerging economies due to local dynamics.

Health Expenditure of Households, 7. There is uncertainty around whether the mind-set of OTC consumers in emerging markets can be broadened to accept prescription-only drugs as OTC medication.

Over the counter medicine - Will Pharma exploit the potential in emerging markets?

This trend is likely to spread to emerging markets, some are already moving towards a Western structure, with retail channels driving growth OTC markets in emerging economies have traditionally been focussed on Otc market in central europe 2014 remedies and preventative therapies.

By Systematic Agents for Fungal Infections, 5. By Product Categories, 2. While a number of global life science companies have increased their focus on developing their OTC or consumer arms, and are well-placed to realise the OTC potential offered by emerging markets, there are a number of challenges that all multinational corporations will need to address: The sale of OTC drugs in Russia occurs through only the pharmacy chains.

Number of Pharmacies in the Czech Republic, 8. Consumer Price Index on Medicines, 6. By Products, 8. OTC drugs market in Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most rapidly emerging markets for pharmaceuticals in the world. Infor the first time, growth in sales of OTC medicines outstripped those of prescription-only medicines.

Governments of emerging economies argue that this is driven by the need to provide wide access to basic medicines for large but low income populations. But the customer is not the traditional customer of the life sciences industry and shifting focus from physicians and payers to consumers will be an important success factor for those companies wishing to compete effectively.

Surging acceptance of such drugs by the people, increased availability and wide spread usage of non-prescription drugs to treat minor ailments has resulted in rapid growth of the market in the region over the last few years.

Large multinationals, wishing to succeed in these markets will need to identify the optimal organisational structure for effectively competing with local players, possess a thorough understanding of local market dynamics and, understand and engage with local stakeholders across the OTC and health value chain Intellectual property IP regulations are typically weak or poorly enforced in emerging economies.OTC market in Central Europe Comparative analysis and development forecasts for tel.

/48/ 12 90 30, fax /48/ 12 90 08, [email protected] Click here to buy The report – in brief This publication is a comprehensive, page+ source of market data, news, analysis and forecasts for the OTC.

Over the counter medicine - Will Pharma exploit the potential in emerging markets? Posted on 4/06/ Three regions account for 70 per cent of the global OTC market: Europe, comprising Western and Central Eastern Europe (CEE), accounts for the biggest share (33 per cent); North America 20 per cent; and South East Asia/China 17 per.

The over-the-counter (OTC) medicines market has remained a highly attractive segment of the pharmaceutical sector with significant growth potential from both developing markets including that of Central and Eastern Europe and established Europe and North America markets.

EMIR includes the obligation to centrally clear certain classes of over-the-counter (OTC) derivative contracts through Central Counterparty Clearing (CCPs). For non-centrally cleared OTC derivative contracts, EMIR establishes risk mitigation techniques.

Pharmaceutical industry: Central and Eastern Europe OTC Drugs Industry Research Report

The clearing obligation applies to EU firms. Comparative analysis and development forecasts for OTC market in Central Europe The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) today released OTC derivatives statistics at end-December OTC derivatives markets contracted in the second half of The notional amount of outstanding contracts fell by 9% between end-June and end-Decemberfrom $ trillion to $ trillion.

OTC derivatives statistics at end-December 2014

Exchange rate movements .

Otc market in central europe 2014
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