Marketing environment of emirates airlines

Marketing environment of emirates airlines Airlines mostly utilizes its pricing policy when setting rates for its prices, which is mainly based on the destination. Product development Strategy Private Suite The company keeps on introducing new high quality first class private lounges to attract the business segment.

It is used to portray the present situation of the service and offers a useful mechanism to identify and evaluate service evidence opportunities. Product theory and application Emirates Airlines is purely a service industry providing its consumers with flight services to their preferred destinations.

Moreover, most of its transactions are done online; hence, limited personal contacts with consumers. Moreover, it will be convenient for those who wish for a quite environment Goi, It currently flies to over destinations spread throughout the six continents.

Emirates airlines expected services include information on various packages that it offers, authentic information, seat availability and different routes leading to a certain destination.

Even though exhibitions may be expensive to arrange, its benefits are far reaching as it encourages communication between the firm and customers Miri, The reputation and success of the brand rests on the type of people engaged with the firm.

Emirates airlines basic products include transport and ticket booking. What is more, the airline should consider spreading its customer care center to more locations in the world to cater for those customers who want a face to face interaction kind of help.

The premium class private suite is filled with personal storage, coat cabinet, desk and individual mini bar. This is because they may present different companies to potential customers leaving them Marketing environment of emirates airlines choose among them as they have nothing to lose.

In addition, internal factors including pricing policy of the firm and external factors such as destination influence the pricing decisions Shikha, However, promotion through this hidden sales force is not usually taken seriously Michael, It includes activities such as branding, advertisement, exhibitions, corporate identity and public relations.

They have to make calls to this center, or send emails that may take time to be replied. Travel agents are also used in a personal selling strategy since they function as information carriers. Apart from organizing training for the cabin crew, emirates airlines can provide incentives to those presently funding their training and development studies as this will act as a source of motivation and commitment to the company Michael, Experience should also be factored in during employment.

Thirdly, a service company should ensure that it provides expected products. The airline is one of the leading companies in the industry as evidenced by the numerous awards it has won in the past years and the largest in the Middle East.

Key employees of emirates attend annual 14 days training in USA and Germany including pilots, but the cabin crew fund their own retraining and development. Other market segmentation strategies include related diversification low cost carriersdifferentiation strategy and so on.

The most crucial among them are the employees Shikha, Consequently, the airline has only contracted travel agents in areas that it operates.Marketing-plan-for-emirates-airlines 3.D - External Environment PEST Analysis for Emirates Political Political situations that affect the airline industry will be mainly wars and terrorism.

For instance, due to the terroristactivities in different areas of the globe, namely in USA, Palestine, Iraq etc made these areas unpleasant for not.

Comprehensive Marketing Presentation on Emirates Airlines Comprehensive Marketing Presentation on Emirates Airlines 1. Marketing Principles in Airline Management • The Customer • The Marketing Environment • Strategy Formulation • Product Design and Development • Pricing and Revenue Management • Distribution.

Environmental Analysis Of The Strategies Used By Emirates Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Emirates airline develops environmental protection strategies to adhere to worldwide need. They are joining the environmental protection campaign by sponsoring some organizations having this type of advocacy.

Environmental. Marketing & Strategy on Emirates Airline Words | 23 Pages. environment of Emirates, one of the world’s most reputed international airlines. Emirates Airlines is owned by the government of Dubai, which is located in United Arab Emirates.

More about Swot and Pestel of Emirates Airlines. Marketing & Strategy on Emirates. The airline is a subsidiary of Emirates Group which is completely owned by the Government of Dubai. It is known to be the largest airline of the Middle East that operates flights per company has created a strong brand name as a leader in the aviation industry more specifically because of its rapid growth and service excellence.

Case Study of Emirates Airlines Marketing Service Product Strategies August 21, price, process, physical environment, people and products are all tailored to meet the expectations of its customers.

Marketing Plan of Emirates Airline

This paper analyses the marketing mix of emirates airlines and provides recommendations on how it can improve some of the aspects in .

Marketing environment of emirates airlines
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