Cross cultural psychology essay

For example, different cultures speak different languages; therefore the questions asked must be translated. Music keeps their memories and the visions they have of the world. A multitrait-multimethod approach to construct validation.

Music, like cross-cultural psychology, is not culture-specific, it is universal as it seeks to understand as well as learn the limitations of each culture.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology

Cross-cultural research allows us to compare one way of life with another, to see the similarities and differences. Following is an overview of this area of study.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Sample

Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 40 6— In the earliest cross-cultural psychology the development of a person was used as a base model for how that society would later develop. Therefore, it goes without saying that cultural psychology is the science of mental life in a particular society at a particular time.

In this study, shapes as well as angles had varying effects on people. Music is in all aspects of life.

Cross Cultural Psychology Essays (Examples)

Cross-cultural psychology studies more of the development of the persons in a society based on their behaviors and the views of these behaviors. More essays like this: Therefore, as music is passed from one generation to another, one learns the ways in which music is used in their particular culture.

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If music were a person, it would want everyone to come together to enjoy and learn from it regardless of their differences. Every culture has its own sounds. A compaison of Geman and Fecnh infants in fou distinct expeiments confims and even naows down the timefame in which this diffeentiation of pefeence occus, and also shows though the Fench language expeiments that the ability to distinguish the two opposing stess pattens does not necessaily esult in the development of pefeence, if the taget language itself lacks a dominant stess stuctue Hohle et al.

Fisherman from the Coast of Mauritania use music to keep in rhythm in order to work as a team and get the job done. As a result of these differences, two categories of people can actually pursue this field of study. The enculturation of music tells the history of people or countries which is passed from one generation to the next.

The paper will discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research; discuss how the case study helps to better understand how ethnicity, race, and worldviews are separate yet related concepts as well as to discuss how enculturation may play a role in the case study.

Psychologist must be sensitive, understanding, and respectful of the knowledge they are comparing as to not include or induce research bias by using critical thinking throughout the process of comparison.

Choosing a quantitative or qualitative method to reach desired information is almost as important as the research itself. Cross-cultural psychologists use all the typical psychological methods of investigation: While citing evidence suggesting that language-independent phonetic contasts and melodic vaiations ae ecognized within the fist fou months…… [Read More] references during the first half year of life: Another culture uses music and dance as a mating ritual.This essay explores the community from the perspective of their economic patterns and analyses the cost and benefits of shifting from their cultural patterns.

Besides, the intervention of the western developed countries to economically and socially change the Masai culture is discussed in details with an orientation of deriving major conclusion. Differentiating cross cultural psychology from cultural is the stepping stone to evaluating cultures. While cultural psychology seeks to find out how culture causes variation in psychology, cross cultural seeks to justify or explain ‘objective description and subjective evaluations of cultures.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Sample. Culture is the structure of one’s way of life and behavior, meaning one’s beliefs, values, traditions, and behaviors (Matsumoto & Juang, ). Cross cultural topics in psychology – Second edition) “Cross-cultural psychology is the empirical study of members of various culture groups who have had different experience that lead to predictable and significant differences in behavior.

Cross-cultural psychology has examined the effects of daily life exposure to the perception levels of an individual. For instance, one study in this subfield examined the effects of shapes that a child grows seeing and his level of perception. Cross-cultural psychology Cross-cultural psychology is a comparative study of cultural effects on human psychology, from different cultural groups, which looks at the psychological diversity and the underlying reasons for such diversity.

Cross cultural psychology essay
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