Cassava production business plan

Work Experience As a nutritional biochemist under the faculty of Basic medical science I know the benefit of ingesting food free from impurities and contaminations. If you intend to start a world — class cassava processing plant, then you would need a good amount of capital as you would need to ensure that your employees are well taken care of, and that your production plant is conducive enough for workers to be creative and productive.

Completed Creating Official Website for the Company: Our sales and marketing team will be recruited based on their vast experience in the industry and they will be trained on a regular basis so as to be well equipped to meet their targets and the overall goal of the organization.

This farm product has always been a source of lively hood and food for millions of Nigerians. Some of these prospective buyers are; hotels, spotlights, bars, markets, bakeries, event planners, families and nearby towns.

Select Healthy Cassava Stem Cuttings: If YES, here is how to start a cassava plantation farm with no money and no experience. We intend growing our business which is why we have perfected plans to build our brand via every available means.

This rapid growth has increased the general demand of goods and services in which agriculture production is not left out. We want to build a standard and world — class cassava processing company that will leverage on word of mouth advertisement from satisfied clients.

My Stay at inem waters has thought me a lot in the water bottling business as I now have the technical knowhow of starting successful water bottling company and how to meet up with the increasing demand of customers.

Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria | Feasibility Study On Cassava Production

We will ensure that we create business structure and framework that will enable us go into biofuel production and the production of other alcoholic beverages from our cassava processing plant.

Cassava Processing Plant Business Plan — Publicity and Advertising Strategy Any business that wants to grow beyond the corner of the street or the city they are operating from must be ready and willing to utilize every available means to advertise and promote the business.

Selecting healthy stems is crucial to growing rich cassava crops that your market would quickly purchase. A Comprehensive Business Plan T Our branded garri will bring customers to our point of sale because of the quality in our production and packaging.

Are you having issues with your fish farm? Manure your soil, Prepare good seedbeds, Planting the cassava along with other crops, and more. This has drastically increased the production of garri for both national and international consumption. Factor such as the capacity of cassava processing plant you want to own, the product you want to produce and the size of the commercial cassava farm.

Over and above, we have perfected our sale and marketing strategies first by networking with agriculture merchants and companies that rely on retail processed cassava products.

You can find information on how to get and secure agricultural loans in Nigeria here. The major factors involved in selecting the right cassava breed to grow are: In essence, a cassava processing company should be able to sell its products to as many people as possible including laundries, alcoholic beverage production companies, laundry starch production companies, livestock farmers and other production companies that make use of cassava byproducts.

Consumers now concern themselves with the type and quality of garri they consumed this is because of the health concern of consuming garri processed by our local producers in our villages.

A Sample Cassava Farming Business Plan Template

Cassava stem cuttings are used to grow cassava crops. They are the sole financier of the firm, but may likely welcome other partners later which is why they decided to restrict the sourcing of the startup capital for the business to just three major sources. All the papers and documents have been duly signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and any moment from now our account will be credited.

BUT, WE are permitted to display executive summary, And these are some executive summary of some feasibility study carried out. Cassava grows best in these areas. It is smart to always ensure a planting rate of percent by replacing stems that die or fail to sprout.

Do you want to handle your fish farm business yourself? The opportunities that are available to us cannot be quantified; we know that there are loads of individuals who consume organic and non — organic cassava in different forms both in the United States of America and other parts of the world.

Interested in small cassava farming business ideas? Our Pricing Strategy Some of the factors that will help you sell your processed cassava products at the right price that will guarantee that you make profits is dependent on your strategy while some of the factors are beyond your control.

Picking the right location to setup your cassava farm is extremely important.Cassava Farm Plantation Business: Harvesting, Processing, Marketing And Exportation Starting the agriculture business of growing and producing cassava for local consumption, processing for industrial use and packaging for export is a smart investment decision you can make as a farmer.

Cassava Master Plan A SSTRATTEEGGIIC AACCTTIOON PPLLAANN Cassava Production Area and Yield by States in Nigeria and important tools such as Business Development and Management, International Economic Cooperation and Scientific Support have been proposed.

Furthermore. The cassava processing business plan is fully updated with current research on how to start a cassava processing business, get the attention of the market, retain them and make huge profits. The CASSAVA PROCESSING business plan also has in-depth analysis on cassava processing equipment.

Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria - Cassava (Manihot esculenta) production is one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can venture into in Nigeria.

No, I did not just say that to catch your attention, I meant it! Nigeria, as well as most parts of West Africa, has land which is very cassava friendly.

This piece of write up is sincere and backed with experience, therefore only meant for serious mind (with and without cassava experience) Cassava production is divided into.

Cassava Farming and processing Business Plan In Nigeria is a lucrative farming business that needs a lot of planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.

Cassava production business plan
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