Best gifts for college guys

Bill Murray Shower Curtain What would a college house be without some sort of Bill Murray item in it, and what better item than your shower which everyone shares.

Lights For Your Bicycle Tires These lights attach to your bike tires to give you a headlight in front of you and a rear red light behind you. Prices Vary For those colder climates, these comfy gloves come with Bluetooth technology that lets you take your phone calls without having to take your gloves off.

30 Unique Gift Ideas For College Students

Ballpark blueprints make an awesome and unique gift for guys who love the sport. The chalkboard mug serves as both a coffee mug and—you guessed it—a chalkboard.

This Twinkie oven lets you make your own Twinkies right at home. Old ID badges, expired credit cards, and recycled hotel keys are great go-to options. It doubles as a throw pillow for the couch! Learn how to make several Star Wars inspired projects using the fun and traditional art of paper folding.

Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser Now he can have his candy and eat it, too. Instant Air Hockey Game Sometimes you just need something to pass the time until your hangover passes and you can start drinking again.

Men need Man Candles, featuring familiar, earthy scents such as dirt, campfire, sawdust, coffee and more. Magic Wand Remote Control For the Harry Potter fan or anyone who fancies himself a wizard, the magic wand TV remote is an awesome addition to the home entertainment system.

Keep your chopped fruits and veggies organized without any mess or hassle. Survival Bracelet This stylish, masculine bracelet is actually a 2-in-1 survival kit. This giant connect 4 game is a perfect addition to said life.

Link directly to this item Prices Vary Add some character to your kitchen with this unique cheese grater. Find on Amazon Link directly to this item 4. Shower Beer Koozie Every college student will at one point or another, drink a beer in the shower.

Shark is the ultimate battle. This Telescoping Coffee Mug Turns Into A Bong This telescoping coffee mug takes two very necessary items every college student needs and combines them into one product. Makey Makey, the invention kit that lets you turn everyday objects into touch pads and keyboards.

Chalkboard Mug Great ideas often start after the first cup of coffee. The reel camera lets you see under the water, transmitting the footage to the LCD screen on the rod in real time.

Sugru Sugru is a nifty little tool with a variety of uses. But what would you get them besides a fresh case of Coors Light and a box of condoms? Link directly to this item 2.

Put the two together and you have the most awesomely unusual beverage for men.

17 great holiday gifts for college students

The coffee mug telescopes out to become a massive three foot bong, for smoking… tobacco of course It has openings at the shoulders and bottom, so you can either keep everything cozy like a sleeping bag, or free your arms and legs for added mobility. This door flips down and turns into a ping pong table for you to play ping pong, beer pong, flip-cup, or whatever other drinking games college kids are into now-a-days.

Prices Vary Who better to take fashion tips from than the most awesome bro on television?Aug 08,  · 17 Smart Gifts For College Students: Edition. It’s natural to want to ply your college-bound child with gifts, it’s best to choose items that are beautiful.

The best gifts to help them live life on their own. Tech; 15 Smart Gifts For The New College Graduate. Megan Willett. (which is perfect for guys.

Check out the best gift ideas of at Best Buy. Find the coolest gifts for everyone on your list with our special gift lists for all ages. Christmas Gifts For Young Men Send them back to school with a bounty after the holidays with our great selection of Christmas gifts for college guys.

Jazz up their style with sleek accessories and apparel, wall prints for the dorm, and. 51 Awesomely Unusual Gifts for Men.

You may also like our list of the coolest guys gifts under $25 and stylish gifts for your man. 30 Birthday Gifts for The Best Husbands and Dads (Unique Gifts for Him) 25 Legendary. The best gift ideas for college students, according to college students, including the best gifts for college freshmen, useful gifts for college graduates, gifts .

Best gifts for college guys
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