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Vallone also played Eddie in that version. Rodolpho decides to show off his singing skills, regaling everybody with a lovely rendition of the song, "Paper Doll. But there are exceptions, and he then begins to narrate the story of Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman who lives with his wife Beatrice and her orphaned niece Catherine.

Rodolpho tells Catherine that she has to leave Eddie, and she starts to cry.

All seems well in the Carbone household. Unlike the central character of his drama, Miller did not point his finger at anyone, and he consequently remained on the high moral ground that Eddie Carbone forfeits by his actions in the play. He calls Marco a liar and tells him to apologize.

A View from the Bridge

Uh oh — all the pieces are in place for disaster. At dinner, Catherine tells Eddie that she has gotten a job as a typist, but Eddie is reluctant to let her go to the job. Vengeful, Marco confronts Eddie publicly on his release, and Eddie turns on him with a knife, demanding that he take back his accusations and restore his honour.

Later, at a prison, Alfieri tries to convince Marco to promise not to take revenge on Eddie by killing him, so that he can be freed on bail.

We learn that he has not had sex with his wife for nearly three months. Radio[ edit ] L. It quickly becomes clear, however, that Eddie has unarticulated and perhaps unconscious desires to possess Catherine himself.

A View From the Bridge Summary

BBC Radio 3 produced a radio adaptation in He pulls a knife on the Italian. This would, of course, prove that the wicked Sicilian is only using Catherine. Rodolpho is shocked and attacks Eddie, and Eddie pins his arms back and kisses him forcefully.

The two spar, and Eddie punches Rodolpho directly in the face. Eddie visits Alfieri, the lawyer, seeking some legal protection for his family.The plot of his film Rocco and His Brothers (Rocco e i suoi fratelli), made inhas many affinities with A View from the Bridge.

[11] A French-Italian film based on A View from the Bridge titled Vu du pont was released in February Discuss How Arthur Miller uses Alfieri in 'A View from the Bridge' to add dramatic impact of the play. Alfieri appears throughout the play, acting out different role Fair Use Policy; Help Centre; This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

You can view samples of our professional work here. A View from the Bridge () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Ever wondered how A View from the Bridge follows the standard plot of most stories?

Come on in and read all about it. A View from the Bridge / Analysis / Plot Analysis ; Analysis / Plot Analysis ; SHMOOP PREMIUM Summary SHMOOP PREMIUM SHMOOP. A short summary of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of A View from the Bridge. Essays and criticism on Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge - Critical Essays.

A view from the bridge plot summary essay
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